Ki-Aikido Haarlem regularly offers thematic lessons highlighting an important topic or aspect of Ki Aikido. These lessons, that are listed in the agenda of Bewust Haarlem and on this website, are also meant as an opportunity to experience whether Ki Aikido might be something for you. You are welcome for these lessons and for a free first lesson at any time. However, sometimes we concentrate lessons on specific advanced techniques so that not all lessons are suitable as a first introduction. Please contact us first by filling out the form.

The lessons are on Tuesday evenings,
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm. Please arrive by 7.15 pm.
Gymnasium SRO Lorentzkade 62 - Haarlem West


Costs: € 10 per lesson or € 75 per quarter of 10 lessons
Mobile: 06-12665121


The instructor of Ki Aikido Haarlem is Jan Baars. He is a professor of philosophy with extensive experience in judo, tai chi, meditation and yoga, followed by 30 years of experience with Ki Aikido (4th dan master degree).

Please contact us